First blogback tomorrow

So the Super Bowl was pretty uneventful…

Best commercial of the night? Probably the Ameriquest spot with the doctors or their other later ad with the plane passengers. I also thought it was pretty weird seeing the “beer” commercial. Not for Bud Light or Miller Light, but just for beer. Seriously. I don’t even get it now. The Bud Light “secret fridge” and Fed Ex cavemen spots were decent too. Worst ad of the night? Those Emerald Nut people. Seriously, this is the second year in a row they were the worst commercials. The only way this is good advertising is if they think people are going to walk around going, “You know what Super Bowl commercials always suck? Emerald Nuts. Mmmm…nuts sound like a good snack. Which should I  buy? Ah, fuck it I’ll buy Emerald Nuts I guess.”

 For all the commercials click here…I love IFilm…

I don’t really see this happening…

 On to the next major sports moment. Tomorrow (Wednesday) ‘Cuse faces off with UConn in what can only be described as the biggest basketball game of the year for the Orange. An upset win in Connecticut would be devastating to the #1 team in the country and cement (re-cement?) Syracuse into the top 25 teams in the country. A loss… and the Big East tourney may start looking like a goal (which would really suck). The best Syracuse can hope for is a close game. Unless Terrence Roberts pulls off a few more of those three pointers, we could be in some serious trouble. Then again, I would say the likelihood of us beating UConn is about the same as Terrence Roberts hitting a game winning three-pointer. And we know what happened there…

 So for the big event (game time 9 p.m., ESPN) we’re going to be doing our very first Blogback. Please (and by please, I mean, seriously, please!) don’t confuse this with Brokeback. And please don’t confuse that with homophobia…aaaaaaaaanyway…

Blogback is something I’ve heard of before, and although it contains the word blog, its not a blog. It’s a blogback. Basically, myself and the DO’s own Anthony Mague (probably) will be sparring back and forth with some updates during the game. So stay tuned to this web site as we banter in real time. Good times. If anyone actually reads this, definitely email or write up some quick responses during the game so we can address it while the game is still going on. And if the game is close…well then this shit may just get interesting after all. I mean, if we beat UConn tomorrow, there’s no better explanation for it than that I was real-time blah-ging during the game. Right? Okay…see ya manana. Go ‘cuse…


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