And that’s the ballgame…

OUCH! That’s a bold prediction…NIT?

Okay I thought about it for awhile, and maybe you’re right. We’ve got must wins against St. Johns, Louisville and DePaul, then I think we need to win at least TWO of our other games: West Virginia, Cincy, Georgetown and Villanova. In other words, this is going to be very tough.

Well good work tonight, Anthony. It’s been fun. Hopefully we weren’t the only ones paying attention. According to my little stat page, we got 45 new views during our blogback session. So hey, thats not terrible.

Well it’s 11:30 and CBS 5’s got a story about betting online. I’ll have to watch this one.

Just like Mike Patrick covering ESPN football, Kanye West and Mariah Carey when it comes to winning big Grammy awards or the Syracuse Orange if they don’t start winning some games, I’m out.


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