Going downhill quick

…as you can see, we’re having some technical difficulties, so for now, Mague’s emailing me his responses.

 Well this is going downhill quickly. It looked good to see us actually score first for once instead of waiting until we’re down 10. Now its 23-11 and we haven’t touched a rim in about five minutes.

First of all, I’ve got much love for Kanye…got both his CD’s. But I just wasn’t feeling the outfit. But hey I guess it’s the Grammys so you can go out and do some stupid shit.

Couple other little things from early in the game. So McCroskey’s not there tonight. What’s his deal? Got any inside info.? Also — Gerry seems to still be hurt. I watched the championship game from 2003 I’ve got on DVD this weekend…I swear he’s gotten significantly worse since he was a freshman. What’s up with that.

Last thing…I think the lowest ever ratio for skill of a player:quantity of jersey sales will be Rudy Gay. Best player ever to sell a handful of jerseys? This needs to be a debate. I thought it could have been Kobe, but he’s kind of bounced back. Maybe Doug Christie?

Man, we’re looking bad…on the upside, at least Kelly Clarkson won a grammy…i’m kidding…no she did win though…


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