Is Mariah Carey getting shut out?

I’m disappointed with Kanye tonight. He’s way too cocky. And it used to be kind of cute, but he’s just bothering me now.

Bruce the best performer of all time? I don’t know. I’ve never seen him live, but I’ve never been a huge fan (and I’m from Jersey). I’ve also never been to a Billy Joel, but I’ve heard good things. And now for some shameless self-promotional synergy: for anyone reading this, check out my Billy Joel column in tomorrow’s Daily Orange. Okay back to the post:

Yeah this facebook thing is crazy. I was at the DO tonight and it looks like there was a huge uproar response to it with some strong letters on the way. These past two semesters have been really a blast when it comes to the first amendment. Hill TV and now this…really awful.

Marcus Williams is a punk, but then again so is his coach, and apparently so is his entire school administration. So I’m not surprised he’s back. If Carlton Dotson went to UConn he’d still be playing basketball.

Yeah Theismann sucks. So did McGuire, so it’s nice to get rid of him at least.

Ah last thing. If I even cared a little bit about hockey I’d be going nuts about Tocchet. Truth is, I never even heard of him before. I just think its funny that Wayne Gretsky’s wife is involved, although I’m pretty sure her betting in this ring isn’t breaking any rule, and I know its not breaking any law. Still…no major parlays for me tonight. I’m hanging out for a little while. Although I almost did take the bodog odds on Green Day winning song of the year. Ah well.

Looks like the game is winding down…no miracle tonight…take us out of here Mague…


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