Let the Realtime Blogback begin…

Sooo…corny, I know…

 Well we got the talented Anthony Mague from DO Sports to participate in our very first blogback, a little real-time conversation, tonight taking place during the SU-UConn b-ball game.

And of course any other topics that happen to pop up during the course of coversation. Like for example, the Grammy’s which are happening on CBS during the game (and right now) and will be where my remote will be clicking to if ‘cuse starts to really suck. And believe me, I don’t want to see Mariah Carey’s crazy-ass carrying arm fulls of little Grammys any more than you do. So let’s go ‘cuse!

As a matter of fact I’ve got on the Grammys right now, and U2 happens to be performing their worst single ever, Vertigo. Anthony, you a fan of U2? Oh wait, here comes Mary J. Blige. This should be random. Maybe I’m just annoyed because the sound people f-ed up the performance I was most looking forward to — Sugarland.

….okay yeah that was a joke. Who the hell is Sugarland and how are they in any category involving the word “best”?

Well from now on, I’ll be conversing with Anthony for either just our own enjoyment or for anyone else who may be tuning in to this little blah-g of mine. So if you’ve got anything to say, please feel free to comment/email during the game and we’ll talk about that as well.

One last thing: Anthony, you see this article yet that Bill Simmons (my favorite columnist) had linked to last week? The fact that no major sports service picked this story up just kind of proves the point of the column. Some serious shit…kind of makes you look at Calhoun a little differently.

Alright, that’s all for now…damn Mary’s really rockin’ it out. Alright talk to you soon.


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