Mague Post 2

You know you’re in trouble when Matty Gorman makes an appearance with eight
minutes to play in the first half and he’s jacking threes.

Interesting tidbit about Gorman: My very good friend and I saw him out at a
local watering hole last weekend indulging in the deeds of Bacchanalia.

Normally no problem, except for one thing… Syracuse played in the afternoon
the following day.  Gorman didn’t get off the bench the next day.

Anywho, I did hear a tidbit about McCroskey.  It can’t be confirmed, but rumor
has it he got into some sort of serious confrontation with Boeheim after last
week’s game.  They exchanged words…. words that when used mommy would break
out the soap.

Two words that anyone needs to know about G-Mac 2003 season: Carmelo Anthony.

One love or as Doug would do to Ms. Christie…


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