McCroskey: Billy Edelin 2.0

Damn Louie’s had some serious issues this year. I’ve never been a huge fan of McCroskey. He’s more trouble than he’s worth.

Sorry…this took a little while to put up because for some reason Ciara and Maroon 5 are performing together to a Sly Stone song. What is going on at the Grammys? Ever since Elton John and Eminem teamed up they’ve tried to go for the most random duets just because…

Anyway, I don’t think it was only ‘Melo that did it for Gerry in 2003. Gerry was a leader unlike the way he is this year. He would lead by throwing it up from anywhere (and usually making it) and driving to the hoop with no regard for his body. Now he just looks awkward out there. Maybe all it’s going to take is a 30-point game to get him out of his season-long funk.

So Gorman partying it up huh. You know I once bought him a shot at Chuck’s and he was a real asshole. Leave him on the bench.

So we’re down 18. You see a comeback in the works? I’m thinking if we get Roberts some open three’s we’ll be right back in this thing…riiiiiight…

Last thing. Doug Christie’s reality show…it’s coming isn’t it?! I heard rumors but I need them confirmed. Then again with Christie out of the NBA, the Davis’ may turn into the most exciting NBA couple…

…aaaah real last thing. NBA slam dunk contest? The only way I can see Warrick winning is if you put Royal Ivey’s chin right under the basket…thoughts?


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