Syracuse is only down by five…. if you took the spread

That was Ciara?!?  Now, what is the deal with this Steve-O?  Some people tell me
she was once a man?!  Is there truth to this?  If there is, call me gay.  Her
body is tighter than Josh Boone’s cornrows.

Last I heard of Doug Christie is that the show wasn’t happening.  Total
disappointment.  Apparently, Mrs. Christie swung on and knocked out the show’s
producer because A.) She was a female and B.) She shook Doug’s hand to
introduce herself.

Okay, so maybe that isn’t the reason.

As for Hakim, hell, I’m just excited to see the guy dunk again.  I literally
haven’t seen him ball since he left Sewer-Cuse, (we were due for some lake

Steve, I have to ask. Did you go Rick Tocchet on me tonight?  Any crazy parlays?


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