This is getting ugly

Alright Mague…I heard the Ciara rumor as well…she’s dating Bow Wow now, so unless he’s Rudy now…you know, gay…I think she’s a woman. But you’re right. She’s really hot and she’s the best kind of hot…she’s young (like 19) but looks old (like 25)…awesome

Hey man, I believe it about Ms. Christie. I think if Doug can’t return to the NBA the next move for her is Celebrity Boxing.

Warrick doesn’t get much PT yet, but I think he’ll be around. He gets a shot he’ll be okay. And I think he probably will eventually.

Couple other things. Jay-Z and Linkin Park just performed a SICK remix of their original remix, throwing in the beat to “Yesterday,” then bringing out Paul McCartney for the last verse. Ridiculous. Alright the Grammys semi-redeemed themselves.

What do you think about the new MNF line-up. I love ‘cuse alum Mike Tirico, but Kornheiser in the booth? I love Kornheiser on PTI but he could get Dennis Miller and be a little annoying in the booth. Or maybe he’ll be okay. Should be an interesting year.

By the way, in case you were curious, it’s Rivalry Week for Women’s College Basketball!!! I know you already knew this but I just wanted to make sure you tune in all week, baby! Augustus, Parker! It’s Women’s College Basketball on ESPN all week!


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