Three letters: “N-I-T”

Excellent work from the UConn fans at the end of this one.  Many
chants of N-I-T raining down from the Husky faithful.

That’s just good work.  I once wrote a column on who was more annoying, Syracuse
or UConn fans.

One thing’s for certain, both bases are obnoxious and drunk.

Speaking of drunk…. Billy Joel.

I’m still wondering why a man who once tried to kill himself by drinking antifreeze is my commencement speaker.

Looking forward to the wise-words tomorrow in the D.O., Mr. Piano Man.  Sing me a song.

Hell, Jim Boeheim needs one right about now.

He’s walking on “The Boulevard of Broken Dreams.”

Check that, “The Road to the N-I-T!”

Leaving Syracuse fans muttering: “We want pre-nup.  We want pre-nup.”


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