Big Big Monday

Big Monday lived up to the hype tonight…wow…

 You know, I think I like Villanova about as much as I hate UConn. They’re just an exciting team to watch and they try so hard. Syracuse could really learn a lot from them…and hopefully they really DO learn a lot from them for when the Wildcats match up with the Orange at the Dome March 5.

So Slicky Dick wasn’t too smooth this weekend. Watching the press briefing this afternoon was yet another assault on poor Scott McClellan. That guy looks like the loser in middle school who always got the thousands of birthday punches, only this time its just a pounding of questions and scoffs instead of fists. It is a little strange though. McClellan just sounds like he’s lying…its almost like he’s just not good at what he does. Ari Fleischer was a pro. He would give as good as he got. And he sounded convincing, even if the amount of bullshit coming from the White House was the same then as it is now. Anyway it just seems fishy. Cheney shoots a guy in the face, and somehow no one really knows about it for almost 24 hours? Botched cover up maybe? Well just leave it to The Smoking Gun to solve anything…here’s the actual police report from the accident…The Smoking Gun is amazing…check the archives for the entire Kobe Bryant transcript from his interview with the police after his Denver creative rehab session.

Finally, working on Thursday’s column for the print edition of the DO about the bar raids back in action. Two weird stories coming out of it that I’m following up: 1)They not only raided Lucy’s, but The Shire on Erie Boulevard. And two SU students and one ESF student got their ID’s taken, along with another 25 or so written up for underage drinking. The Shire? Anyone ever heard of that place? Apparently it’s a hot spot…and 2)This whole “contaminated liquor” thing with Lucy’s. Apparently four bottles had maggots, etc. in it. Googling contaminated liquor though all I could find was hundreds of people dying in India of contaminated liquor last year. Sooo, death doesn’t really go well with Prada bags and Ugg boots, you know? Strange. Check out the column Thursday for the full details…


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