Poor Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney finally spoke to the press today, granting interview numero uno after he turned into Elmer Fudd to his buddy Brit Hume at Fox News. Brit did a good job — Cheney was pretty honest. He asked all the easy questions (how did it happen, in what order) and some tough ones (were you drinking? why didn’t you go to the White House press pool?). Brit even got some questions in about Scooter and the PhoneTapGate.

I thought the best series of questions occurred surrounding whether this experience, which Cheney describes as “one of the worst days of his life,” would force Cheney to reconsider his pasttime of choice. He kind of denied it as a possibility, which didn’t make sense. Cheney could use this opportunity to really press the fact that it’s not particularly safe what he’s doing. I mean, he did shoot a 78-year-old guy in the face, instead of a bird.

Anyway, good interview. Check out the Fox site for the full video/transcript. I also like how CNN hates on Fox constantly. Check out what Kafferty from his dumbass files said this afternoon. The F-word? What a hateful bitch.

One final thing…first of all, if you actually read this at any point, and were waiting excitedly for my bar raid column tomorrow, don’t get your hopes up. There’s a much bigger story here than I can fit into a column, and a lot of angles and some sketchy happenings. It’ll be a front pager sometime in the next couple weeks written by yours truly. So get pumped.

Also, stay tuned to this site as I update some things, including polls and other links, as well as just write a ton more updates/posts in general. Hopefully.



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