If a quadruple toe-loop falls on the ice, will anyone hear?

Earlier this week I said the Olympics sucked…and that’s not really fair. It doesn’t necessarily suck, its just not really very interesting. It’s a whole lot of sports that no one really cares about, and the only times it really becomes interesting are the fringe, tabloid-ish elements of it. For example, I tune in to NBC immediately when I hear a skiier had a horrible fall, just hoping to see a replay. Sick, I know, but that’s me, and I’m sure that’s quite a few other people.

 Or I might tune after I hear about an athlete getting banned for doping.

The other major time to tune in is to see what’s up with the athletes the US press tells us we should care about. Some like the crazy ass snowboarders, are kind of funny (and, shockingly, winning us gold medals). Some, like Bode Miller, is an embarrassment who cares more about making Nike commercials than winning medals. Then there are people like Johnny Weir, or Johnny Queer as I jokingly-yet-still-somewhat-homophobically call him. No but seriously, this guy is proud of who he is, and he seems like a fun enough guy, outspoken and smart, so I don’t think he’d mind. He cracks me up. He described a bad ice skating run as “kind of like taking a shot of vodka and snorting cocaine.” Now THAT is a quote.

Check out Weir over the next few days. He lost tonight, and apparently stormed out of the rink complaining about the bus being late or something. If I knew anything about ice skating or the Olympics (or cared) I would tell you when or if he skates next. Since I don’t, just enjoy his quotes. Good times all around.

More tomorrow…


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