Biggest Win of the Year…

…by far. Not even close. Probably the biggest win of the last two years, considering the circumstances. For the first time all year, ‘cuse had dropped out of Joe Lunardi’s Bracketology, a disrespectful “last four out” designation from the Big Dance. With this win, and an easy win over Depaul, we now can technically lose to Georgetown and Villanova, win a few Big East Tourney games, and still make the NCAA’s. Ideally though, we beat Georgetown, give Villanova a tough game (hey, Gerry’s last game — anything’s possible) and get as high as a 7 or 8 seed in the tournament. Either way, huge effort from T-Rob (always knew he had it in him) and Devendorf (who goes from looking like a Top 10 player to a mental error-machine with great ease — FRESHMAN) Nah he should be okay though, especially down the stretch if he can learn to control himself.

 Speaking of FRESHMEN…we rushed the court after the win. And I say “we” in the collective, school-wide sense, but “I” and other seniors who saw ‘cuse win the championship three years ago certainly celebrated in the stands. Look, I rushed the court against Pitt freshman year, but they were #4 and we weren’t ranked. It was a huge win. This is a #15 team. But I don’t hate on the people who had to touch some sweaty-ass players: this was the win we all needed — the fans, the players, the coaches. So I guess it’s okay to get a little out of your head and jump around on the hardwood. Did have an impromptu debate with the guys around me about whether or not if we beat Villanova in two weeks it would be apropo to rush the court. I think it’d be okay, especially if they’re still #2. It’s Gerry’s last game, and it would be an enormous win for us. Most disagreed. Regardless, big win tonight almost justifies the little drunken frosh…

And just as my college team’s hopes of an NCAA title go up…my fantasy football team’s hopes of a title go way down…

How much of a pothead do you really have to be to get caught for a FOURTH time by the NFL drug testing? Ricky can smoke weed in the offseason. He can smoke herbal cigarettes, or hookah or SOMETHING in order to keep his ass still in the NFL. Now he’s headed towards a full year suspension. Give this man some O’Dweeds…if you can find him through the blunt smoke…I hate you Ricky Williams…

My girl Washingtonienne got a front-page article in the DO today. Nice work Becker. And by “my girl” I only mean I think the story is spectacular, and not that I would like to be added to the long list of men she’s banged. For those who don’t know Jessica Cutler, read about all the ways she prostitutes out her asshole here. I dont’ want to hate on her…I really actually think she’s cool for being so honest. Anyway I’m sure if you have a dick and have ever been to Washington, you have a Washingtonienne story. Here’s mine:

…by the way, I’m half-kidding about the sluttiness of Washingtonienne…I’m more just trying to somehow get linked at Ah shamelessly self-promoting:

So this summer I interned for Fox News, at the show Dayside. Great experience, and certainly topics for another day. The interns were allowed to pitch story ideas and eventually work with producers to see their ideas to fruition. Cool. So the first idea I pitched that got okay’ed was to try to get Cutler on the show to promote her upcoming book. I was able to book her a few weeks in advance, for the day the book was to be released. Cool. So the day rolls around and I’m excited to see my idea work out, and also just to see the brutally-honest Cutler spar it out with Linda Vester (host at the time). Well she never showed up. Apparently her agent cancelled in a late-night email to the producer I had been working with, in what sounded like a hangover-excuse. Yeah, on the night her book was to be released.

Either way, good article, and SU’s most famous sex-related alumni since Lexington Steele. Yeah, that Lexington Steele.

Couple other small things:

-check out this page of photographs…what’s the best thing about ice skating in the Olympics? THIS

-So Kevin Federline’s CD is going to be released soon. I’m sure it will be a classic. Best New Artist next year? Shouldn’t there be laws against Federline being a father of three already at just 27?

-one more Olympic thing. This rivalry between US speed skaters Shani Davis and Chad Hendrick is actually pretty entertaining. Obviously NBC needs something to boost their ratings, but their race tomorrow should do it. Davis also has the pleasure of shutting Bryant Gumbel’s barely-Black mouth up, winning the first ever gold by an African American Winter Games athlete.

-okay got some more topics to come shortly. I think the quantity of posts is better than the length (or quality, probably).



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