Some DO response

Big DO day…check out the bar raid article and the Harvard column

Got a response (my first of the semester to a column from a reader…good times) to the column, an email from Jessica who wasn’t too happy with what I had to say:

I must say that when I heard what the president of Harvard said in January, it
infuriated me. But what angered me more was your article in the D.O. today. I
cannot believe that you would consider this man a victim, especially because he
resigned! By saying women lag behind men in math and science due to genetic
reasons is offensive, and he was wrong. As president of Harvard he should have
been more careful not to insult half of the population, especially because his
comment has no credability.”Is he wrong? Maybe. Is the suggestion idiotic? Yeah
maybe…” is not good enough for me. In my opinion, he IS wrong, and so is
defending him on the grounds that we have “fragile ears and egos”. Also, even
if it was just in Arts and Sciences, 62% of the PROFESSORS said they did not
have confidence in him. Not just the fragile youth. As a male college student,
you may not hear where I am coming from. All I ask is that you not offend half
the population again by defending someone who already has, and make him out to
be the victim.
I responded:


Thanks for your response. I don’t think Summers is actually the victim in this case, only that he is being unfairly forced out. I would hope there are people like yourself on the campus of Harvard to speak out against Summers, saying how offensive his suggestion is. I would hope there would be other individuals on the campus who would argue against that assertion, saying some studies seem to support what he said.
Basically what I mean is that this is a college campus – a learning environment. If people aren’t allowed to make comments perceived as politically incorrect and potentially wrong, where can they make them? It at the very least opens a dialogue on the topic.
Something I didn’t put in the article, because of space (but also because it doesn’t directly relate to the point) is that as head of the World Bank he made the comment that educating women in higher education was one of the most important goals of the World Bank, and because of that they gave millions of dollars to develop programs to do just that. This man was not sexist or misogynistic. He simply spoke his mind, and, obviously, opened himself up for critique.
Being a male has nothing to do with it – if you were to tell me that all men hate women and are potential batterers in relationships, I would disagree with you whole-heartedly. I’d be offended. I’d think you were 100% wrong. But I’d defend your right to say that 100% as well, and then I’d defend my right to counter your argument.
Glad you responded…one other final question is whether I can post your email on my website, simply as another way of continuing the debate.
…she responded with a pretty favorable email. So I guess we’re on good terms now.
Speaking of political correctness, check out this crazy letter to the editor in the DO today against the fact that Ann Coulter is coming to speak on campus. Hey — Ann Coulter’s pretty crazy, but so is Michael Moore and there was no uproar from these people when he came to speak last year.
Well part two of Greta’s interview with Joran comes on at 10 PM. Great story. I’ve got a theory about it, and I think its starting to be confirmed a little as we see Joran as a pretty savvy guy, who certainly doesn’t sound too guilty. I’ll write out my theory at some point, but for now check out this excellent web site about all things Natalee.
Coming tomorrow/Saturday: the promising Real World cast, the probably fake Deal or No Deal and a Villanova-‘Cuse prediction.

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