Oscar Observations: Part I

-Was George Clooney really getting played off stage after five seconds? Apparently not, although I guess they changed up the acceptance speeches production this year. They’re playing music underneath all the speeches. A little overly dramatic, but I guess it’s okay…I mean it is Hollywood. I just don’t know how they’re going to actually play off the speeches that go too long.

-Nah but Clooney really did have a great speech. He’s just the absolutely smoothest guy I’ve ever seen.

-Dolly Parton is sixty, SIXTY years old. She looks amazing. I think it’s all natural. Hollywood=another planet.

-Is Jack Nicholson’s date tonight Kiera Knightley? Every shot of Jack has Knightley sitting next to him. I mean, I wouldn’t necessarily doubt it, but she is like barely old enough to drink alcohol. (Just IMDB’ed it…yeah she’s 20, and he’s 84. Okay well he’s 68. There’s no way he can satisfy my future wife [well, one of my future wives…she’s a little old for me])

-Jon Stewart’s doing pretty well…he’s made fun of Hollywood liberals, Scientology, etc…really forcing them to laugh at themselves…which is something most hosts don’t really do.


One Response to Oscar Observations: Part I

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