And that’s the ballgame…

February 9, 2006

OUCH! That’s a bold prediction…NIT?

Okay I thought about it for awhile, and maybe you’re right. We’ve got must wins against St. Johns, Louisville and DePaul, then I think we need to win at least TWO of our other games: West Virginia, Cincy, Georgetown and Villanova. In other words, this is going to be very tough.

Well good work tonight, Anthony. It’s been fun. Hopefully we weren’t the only ones paying attention. According to my little stat page, we got 45 new views during our blogback session. So hey, thats not terrible.

Well it’s 11:30 and CBS 5’s got a story about betting online. I’ll have to watch this one.

Just like Mike Patrick covering ESPN football, Kanye West and Mariah Carey when it comes to winning big Grammy awards or the Syracuse Orange if they don’t start winning some games, I’m out.


Three letters: “N-I-T”

February 9, 2006

Excellent work from the UConn fans at the end of this one.  Many
chants of N-I-T raining down from the Husky faithful.

That’s just good work.  I once wrote a column on who was more annoying, Syracuse
or UConn fans.

One thing’s for certain, both bases are obnoxious and drunk.

Speaking of drunk…. Billy Joel.

I’m still wondering why a man who once tried to kill himself by drinking antifreeze is my commencement speaker.

Looking forward to the wise-words tomorrow in the D.O., Mr. Piano Man.  Sing me a song.

Hell, Jim Boeheim needs one right about now.

He’s walking on “The Boulevard of Broken Dreams.”

Check that, “The Road to the N-I-T!”

Leaving Syracuse fans muttering: “We want pre-nup.  We want pre-nup.”

Is Mariah Carey getting shut out?

February 9, 2006

I’m disappointed with Kanye tonight. He’s way too cocky. And it used to be kind of cute, but he’s just bothering me now.

Bruce the best performer of all time? I don’t know. I’ve never seen him live, but I’ve never been a huge fan (and I’m from Jersey). I’ve also never been to a Billy Joel, but I’ve heard good things. And now for some shameless self-promotional synergy: for anyone reading this, check out my Billy Joel column in tomorrow’s Daily Orange. Okay back to the post:

Yeah this facebook thing is crazy. I was at the DO tonight and it looks like there was a huge uproar response to it with some strong letters on the way. These past two semesters have been really a blast when it comes to the first amendment. Hill TV and now this…really awful.

Marcus Williams is a punk, but then again so is his coach, and apparently so is his entire school administration. So I’m not surprised he’s back. If Carlton Dotson went to UConn he’d still be playing basketball.

Yeah Theismann sucks. So did McGuire, so it’s nice to get rid of him at least.

Ah last thing. If I even cared a little bit about hockey I’d be going nuts about Tocchet. Truth is, I never even heard of him before. I just think its funny that Wayne Gretsky’s wife is involved, although I’m pretty sure her betting in this ring isn’t breaking any rule, and I know its not breaking any law. Still…no major parlays for me tonight. I’m hanging out for a little while. Although I almost did take the bodog odds on Green Day winning song of the year. Ah well.

Looks like the game is winding down…no miracle tonight…take us out of here Mague…

The Boss Steals the Grammies… Marcus Williams steals laptops

February 9, 2006

Does it bother anyone else that Marcus Williams walked away from stealing
laptops with pretty much a slap on the wrist?

Hell, one girl was pretty much forced into early retirement at SU because she
hurt her teacher’s feelings on facebook.  I’m sure you saw that Krak-man?

Tirico is one of the best in the business.  I’m not so much concerned about
Kornheiser as much as I’m sick of Theismann.  He never ceases to amaze me with
his superlatives…

Joe: “We had a chance to sit down with TJ Duckett last night and this guy is
something else.  The work ethic, the dedication and what a set of
legs…Perhaps the next Walter Payton.”


Saw the Jay-Z performance… best rapper of all time.  That was followed by
Springsteen… best performer of all time.

As for Syracuse, in the words of The Boss… “I’m waitin’ on a miracle”

This is getting ugly

February 9, 2006

Alright Mague…I heard the Ciara rumor as well…she’s dating Bow Wow now, so unless he’s Rudy now…you know, gay…I think she’s a woman. But you’re right. She’s really hot and she’s the best kind of hot…she’s young (like 19) but looks old (like 25)…awesome

Hey man, I believe it about Ms. Christie. I think if Doug can’t return to the NBA the next move for her is Celebrity Boxing.

Warrick doesn’t get much PT yet, but I think he’ll be around. He gets a shot he’ll be okay. And I think he probably will eventually.

Couple other things. Jay-Z and Linkin Park just performed a SICK remix of their original remix, throwing in the beat to “Yesterday,” then bringing out Paul McCartney for the last verse. Ridiculous. Alright the Grammys semi-redeemed themselves.

What do you think about the new MNF line-up. I love ‘cuse alum Mike Tirico, but Kornheiser in the booth? I love Kornheiser on PTI but he could get Dennis Miller and be a little annoying in the booth. Or maybe he’ll be okay. Should be an interesting year.

By the way, in case you were curious, it’s Rivalry Week for Women’s College Basketball!!! I know you already knew this but I just wanted to make sure you tune in all week, baby! Augustus, Parker! It’s Women’s College Basketball on ESPN all week!

Syracuse is only down by five…. if you took the spread

February 9, 2006

That was Ciara?!?  Now, what is the deal with this Steve-O?  Some people tell me
she was once a man?!  Is there truth to this?  If there is, call me gay.  Her
body is tighter than Josh Boone’s cornrows.

Last I heard of Doug Christie is that the show wasn’t happening.  Total
disappointment.  Apparently, Mrs. Christie swung on and knocked out the show’s
producer because A.) She was a female and B.) She shook Doug’s hand to
introduce herself.

Okay, so maybe that isn’t the reason.

As for Hakim, hell, I’m just excited to see the guy dunk again.  I literally
haven’t seen him ball since he left Sewer-Cuse, (we were due for some lake

Steve, I have to ask. Did you go Rick Tocchet on me tonight?  Any crazy parlays?

McCroskey: Billy Edelin 2.0

February 9, 2006

Damn Louie’s had some serious issues this year. I’ve never been a huge fan of McCroskey. He’s more trouble than he’s worth.

Sorry…this took a little while to put up because for some reason Ciara and Maroon 5 are performing together to a Sly Stone song. What is going on at the Grammys? Ever since Elton John and Eminem teamed up they’ve tried to go for the most random duets just because…

Anyway, I don’t think it was only ‘Melo that did it for Gerry in 2003. Gerry was a leader unlike the way he is this year. He would lead by throwing it up from anywhere (and usually making it) and driving to the hoop with no regard for his body. Now he just looks awkward out there. Maybe all it’s going to take is a 30-point game to get him out of his season-long funk.

So Gorman partying it up huh. You know I once bought him a shot at Chuck’s and he was a real asshole. Leave him on the bench.

So we’re down 18. You see a comeback in the works? I’m thinking if we get Roberts some open three’s we’ll be right back in this thing…riiiiiight…

Last thing. Doug Christie’s reality show…it’s coming isn’t it?! I heard rumors but I need them confirmed. Then again with Christie out of the NBA, the Davis’ may turn into the most exciting NBA couple…

…aaaah real last thing. NBA slam dunk contest? The only way I can see Warrick winning is if you put Royal Ivey’s chin right under the basket…thoughts?