closing out a tough week…and big DO day manana

March 2, 2006

Getting of suprisingly the most difficult, time-consuming week of my college life. Combo of classes/extra-curricular stuff. Definitely will be posting more from now on…

 Part of the reason for that, although I certainly don’t mind, is my two articles in the print edition of the DO tomorrow. First, is a front-page story (my first since freshman year) about the bar raids. The other is a column about the crazy political correctness going on at Harvard. Check it out…

 More to come this weekend, about this year’s Real World cast (looks promising), Deal or No Deal (going downhill), 24 vs. the Apprentice (and NBC’s stupidity) and probably other non-TV related things…


Michelle Kwan didn’t impregnate the olympics…and other meaningless bs

February 13, 2006

As the Pro Bowl reaches halftime, it’s time to reflect on eventful weekend in sports, or “sports” if you’d rather put it into the perspective it deserves.

Let’s start with that Hawaiian mess they call a pro football all-star game. It’s ironic that the only person who actually cares about the game, Mr. January himself, Peyton Manning, is playing quite possibly the ugliest game of his season. He’s trying so damn hard though, so you almost have to feel for him. Through the first two quarters, he’s thrown 26 times, has played every down, and has lobbed it up for some NFC D-backs three times already. Okay watch me be a reporter — Peyton didn’t have a single game all season where he threw three interceptions, and he’s thrown three in just the first half. He also tried way too hard in the QB challenge and still lost that to Matt Hasselback. Someone tell him he might start to be more successful if he doesn’t take everything so seriously.

But to be devil’s advocate and completely contradict myself, no one cares about the Pro Bowl. There’s nothing riding on the game, and the players play like it. It’s barely watchable. So I guess the fact that Manning is trying so damn hard provides some comedy. But now that he won’t play the second half, lets go back to the unwatchable half-assed play of the true all-stars. I have a solution for all-star games though. This applies much more for the NBA, where no one plays defense and everyone laughs the entire time like its some joke on the fans for actually watching. Make it like a pick-up game. Put something on the line — like the winners get a ride on the Vikings love boat, and then let them play street ball. THAT would be enjoyable.

Onto the other boring-as-hell sports TV, we’ve got the Olympics! All 400 hours on NBC! Bode Miller said something crazy! That skiier almost fell! Snowboarders are doing X-games stunts! Ice skating judges may make a strange score!

The winter olympics suck. Seriously. Here are the three biggest stories so far from the olympics. First, Michelle Kwan didn’t impregnate the olympics…even though I think it would be a much bigger story if she just took her chances and stayed in…in High Definition for the first time ever, only on NBC!

The second story today was that crazy ice racer Apolo Ohno almost fell and won’t win gold. Anyone mind?

Third story has to be the fact that America has a fever…and the only antidote is more gold medals. We’ve forced the Olympic committee to throw in those X-games events that we destroy every year, just so we can up our gold medals. Seriously, we are addicted to medaling. If we don’t get enough gold medals, the terrorists win.  Oh look, that redhead kid one a gold today, and shockingly, we got the silver too. Awesome.

 Hey, at least ‘cuse won. Now all we have to do is beat Villanova, West Virginia, Georgetown and Cincy and we’ll be set for the big dance…

First blogback tomorrow

February 8, 2006

So the Super Bowl was pretty uneventful…

Best commercial of the night? Probably the Ameriquest spot with the doctors or their other later ad with the plane passengers. I also thought it was pretty weird seeing the “beer” commercial. Not for Bud Light or Miller Light, but just for beer. Seriously. I don’t even get it now. The Bud Light “secret fridge” and Fed Ex cavemen spots were decent too. Worst ad of the night? Those Emerald Nut people. Seriously, this is the second year in a row they were the worst commercials. The only way this is good advertising is if they think people are going to walk around going, “You know what Super Bowl commercials always suck? Emerald Nuts. Mmmm…nuts sound like a good snack. Which should I  buy? Ah, fuck it I’ll buy Emerald Nuts I guess.”

 For all the commercials click here…I love IFilm…

I don’t really see this happening…

 On to the next major sports moment. Tomorrow (Wednesday) ‘Cuse faces off with UConn in what can only be described as the biggest basketball game of the year for the Orange. An upset win in Connecticut would be devastating to the #1 team in the country and cement (re-cement?) Syracuse into the top 25 teams in the country. A loss… and the Big East tourney may start looking like a goal (which would really suck). The best Syracuse can hope for is a close game. Unless Terrence Roberts pulls off a few more of those three pointers, we could be in some serious trouble. Then again, I would say the likelihood of us beating UConn is about the same as Terrence Roberts hitting a game winning three-pointer. And we know what happened there…

 So for the big event (game time 9 p.m., ESPN) we’re going to be doing our very first Blogback. Please (and by please, I mean, seriously, please!) don’t confuse this with Brokeback. And please don’t confuse that with homophobia…aaaaaaaaanyway…

Blogback is something I’ve heard of before, and although it contains the word blog, its not a blog. It’s a blogback. Basically, myself and the DO’s own Anthony Mague (probably) will be sparring back and forth with some updates during the game. So stay tuned to this web site as we banter in real time. Good times. If anyone actually reads this, definitely email or write up some quick responses during the game so we can address it while the game is still going on. And if the game is close…well then this shit may just get interesting after all. I mean, if we beat UConn tomorrow, there’s no better explanation for it than that I was real-time blah-ging during the game. Right? Okay…see ya manana. Go ‘cuse…

First Post Ever…Super Bowl

February 5, 2006

Well I guess this is a blog. I need to be very clear from the onset — as much as I like the concept of this direct form of writing random thoughts or more thought out…thoughts, I don’t like blogs. They just sound really, really corny. So I’ve now said the word twice, and that’s it. No more. This will serve to be an outlet for “Between the Kraks” to run whenever, well, whenever I want, I guess.

For those who aren’t familiar, I’ve written a column off and on for the Daily Orange since Sept. 2002 under the header “Between The Kraks.” I’ll still be doing this (for the most part) every Thursday, so check it out in print or at the website. I’ll try to keep this interesting and updated often, but we’ll have to play it by ear. Hopefully this turns into a fun way of keeping in touch with others or simply allowing me to basically have an interior monologue with myself. Either way, I guess I’LL at least get something out of it. Hopefully you will too.

Alright, enough introduction. Enjoy the rest of the journal, or blah-g if you really want to call it that.

Tomorrow…Super Bowl Sunday. The biggest sports day of the year. Some serious storylines:

-First of all, the Rolling Stones are performing at halftime. Yeah — the British, decrepit, past-their-prime Rolling Stones. I think Jerome Bettis weighs more than the entire Rolling Stones combined. If I had the capital, I’d chip in to pay-per-view the Lingerie Bowl with Trishelle from Real World Vegas instead.

-The most exciting story coming out of the week-too-long reporter vacation leading up to the big game has to be the Joey Porter-Jerramy Stevens fued. Porter’s a superstar defender, Stevens is an average tight end — so maybe it’s not the biggest deal in the world. Stevens had just 500 yards and five touchdowns this year, hardly the best Seahawks representative for a trash talk session. But then again, the whole story is better than the other boring non-stop reporter’s wet dream about Bettis’ “return home.” Okay…he’s from Detroit. Isn’t that secondary to the fact that he’s in the Super Bowl? I’d hope that if the game were held in San Diego or Miami (which it should be, by the way) Bettis would try just as hard and be just as glad to have won the ring.

-Finally, there’s the fun sub-plot of the Super Bowl ads. So far we’ve got Leonard Nimoy and Jessica Simpson as part of the early reported action. I’ll go over some of the best ones on Monday…and if anyone’s reading this, shoot out your opinion too. I remember my favorite from last year was the Bodog ad, for obvious reasons.

…and speaking of Bodog, I’m taking the points and Seattle…final score Steelers 23, Seattle 20. And, lets just say I’m crossing my fingers that there’s a defensive touchdown in the game, preferably by Larry Foote, and Roethlisburger runs for 8 rushing yards. You know, for no particular reason.